Welcome to my little world of art!  I spent nearly 25 years in a leotard and tights with point shoes on my feet, dancing under warm lights, infront of live audiences.   I cherish the memory of the sound of the orchestra tuning their instruments before the curtain opens while I find my footing and balance on stage in the dim, but soon to be hot and sharp lighting.  Each show ended with roaring applause which filled my heart with humble satisfaction.  Such memories!

Now my audience is freshly born newborns swaddled in a blanket.  Little toddlers giggling as they run away from me while playing tag during our session, their parents watching from a distance praying I get "just one shot".  Young families full of energy and life, trying to do their best.  Bright eyed high school Seniors that are hopeful for the big world they are about to enter. 

Real connections, unrehearsed, fleeting moments I must capture in an instant.  This is my audience.

Families are my stage and my camera is my instrument.  I love my job!


Babies & Kids

Lets meet in an open field, or play in the sand on a beach, or hide behind trees in a forest! Pick your favorite place and we will have an afternoon of playtime with me and my camera. 



I love to capture all that love, bickering, teasing, laughing and, yes, even the crying on camera.  Natural moments that become art.  Fleeting moments you will cherish forever. 



This is your day and I will make it extra special.  I focus on capturing the real you and giving you images that will make you wanna post them all over social media and also make your mom cry happy tears :)